Discover your personal mission, vision, and values.

Design the framework that will lead to a life of freedom.

Achieve the most successful life you possibly can.


Connect with other men that are seeking to be the men that God created them to be.

Participate in ongoing discussions around manhood, marriage, parenting, success, and more.

Gain access to free weekly live and on-demand trainings!


Have you ever come to a point in life where something that used to work for you …

no longer fills the void?

It’s like this: one day I was raking in cash and the next, I was wondering

“What the hell am I doing with my life?!"

Prison Cells Aren't Always 6' x 8' Cages

Imprisoned Marriage

Lots of frustration, poor communication, and limited moments of joy are leading to edgy interactions and a poor sex-life.

Imprisoned Business

Running hard, limited support, and no real growth has you wondering whether you will ever get to where you want to be professionally.

Imprisoned Lifestyle

Sleepless nights, limited physical activity, poor mental health, and stale spiritual health have you ticking like a time-bomb.


You will only desire success that aligns with your values, supports your family, and provides the freedom to live an amazing life.

Your wife will be more in love with you than ever, producing a more meaningful relationship, friendship, and sex life.

Your sons will grow up wanting to be like you and your daughters will grow up wanting to marry someone like you.

You will become more honest with your friends about what you struggle with and you will allow their words to help you overcome your challenges.

You will be more physically and mentally healthy.

You will be more confident in your faith and will comfortably live it out in your personal and professional life.

What Are Other People Saying About Me?

It is hard to describe the value that Ryan brings to each and every interaction. Authentic isn’t a catch phrase or tag line without meaning. When you work with Ryan, he inspires you to be the best version of yourself by getting to our core values. Sure, he is great with processes and techniques, but the number one thing you will come away with is clarity and community.

Ryan brings 3 critical things to me: meaningful insights, new perspectives, and professional accountability. He is one to consistently lead by example, which magnifies the value of his expertise as someone walking the talk. Ryan has tremendous integrity and commitment to serving his clients, a quality that is often marketed, but rarely delivered upon.

Highly recommend Ryan Miller. We have been working together for over six months and he has made a huge impact. Ryan has helped to make me, not only, more successful but also, happier and healthier professionally and personally.

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A 10-week virtual group coaching environment that will provide the tools, processes, and actions to achieve greater success as a:



When you join Foundations to Freedom, you’ll Gain Access to 10 Live Online Group Coaching Sessions Teaching you how to …

  • Build YOUR Foundations -  3 deep, powerful exercises, content and research-backed framework to get RADICAL clarity on WHO YOU ARE.
  • Live Authentically - ALL the definitions, exercises, explanations and research - what does “authenticity” even mean? This is where you’ll find out!
  • Be a Man of Action - learn how to operate in the FLOW state and consistently reflect the man you want to be.
  • Execute Intentionally - discover the key to a life that compliments, not competes with itself.
  • Become Indistractable - prepare for, deal with, and avoid every distraction you are faced with.
  • Walk the Talk - learn how to live as the person you say you are.
  • Have a Vision - creating the vision that YOU want to live out. 
  • Experience Freedom - create a life that allows you to do what you want, when you want, with the people you want.
  • Engineer Your Freedom Blueprint - 9 incredible exercises to FORGE your identity in steel, so that it stays with you and creates the life you dream of. 

And that’s not all ... 

When you invest in the Foundations to Freedom Academy, you invest in a TEAM. You’ll be working with me and my team for coaching and development, but …

… this adventure takes place with a SHARED COMMUNITY.

You get:

  • 24/7 ACCESS to our private Facebook group - get your QUESTIONS answered, INTERACT with others in the group and find INSPIRATION
  • Weekly live GROUP COACHING CALLS where you can be accountable, and also help others stay on track to pursue their identity and purpose
  • Opportunities for review, feedback and SUPPORT in refining and pursuing your personal Foundations to Freedom.


Here is your chance. 

You could keep trying to break out of that prison yourself, knowing full well every future attempt will look just like the past ones.

OR, you can commit to finally breaking free from that prison with someone that's successfully done it before, and alongside like-minded men in your own FOUNDATIONS to FREEDOM COACHING ACADEMY COHORT.


Who is Ryan James Miller

Ryan James Miller coaches entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and executives, helping them to bring out their best and crush their goals.

His message, Be Authentic, is about bringing Personal Clarity, Purposeful Rhythm, and Proper Perspective to high performers. This allows them to turn from a success-focused life to a freedom-focused life.

Ryan’s commitment to authenticity was catalyzed after surviving the 2017 Route 91 Harvest mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But that event became far more than a catalyst. It was an awakening to see how his parent’s divorce, his own marriage almost ending in divorce, the near failure of his business, and so many other difficult moments and seasons actually helped him to become the high performer he is today.

When he isn’t coaching, Ryan is spending every minute possible with the love of his life, Michelle, and his two daughters, Alexis and Chloe. He CrossFits for health and golfs for fun.

And above all else, he lives his life to the glory of God.